Services of Elegante Andalusier


  • Airport transfer
  • Accommodation service
  • Support re-assigned of the PRE papers, contract terms and insurance
  • Horse Transport
  • Schooling your horse in Spain
  • Vet-check + veterinary certificates, vaccinations, Hoofcare
  • Horse equipment such as saddle, bridle, etc. on request
  • Riding lessons
  • On request, recreational activities, restaurants and event recommendation



Riding horses is at your own risk.


For the presentation of the horses, we charge 100 € per day for our time and cost, which are deducted from the purchase price in the case of a purchase.


Helmet obligatory, of course we can lend helmets to mount.


All prices are net prices, excluding 21% VAT

Elegante Andalusier


If you are interested in buying a Spanish horse, this is your website. All horses are known and tested by us personally. All photos and videos are taken by our team and are exclusive. All measurements are real and verified by our team.


All horses on this website are offered on behalf of the owners of said animals. We take care of the mediation between the owners and the client, making all the necessary steps regarding documentation and transport. We are not responsible for future setbacks that may arise once the horse is your property.



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