About us

Since childhood I have loved horses with my heart and soul.

More than 25 years ago this passion began on a small horse farm in Bavaria. The classical training began with vaulting. Continuous intense riding followed by many years on various horse breeds and in different stables. Dressage and show jumping took place in adolescence.

All badges required for competitive riding I succesfully and enthusiastic completed in Germany and Spain.

I´m characterized for numerous tournament and placings for dressage and jumping and for practical knowledge and skills.

I operated from 2011 – 2013 in a renowned Andalusian brokerage company in Spain, now I am self-employed.

In me you will find a trustworthy, reliable expert who knows all about the horses we have for sale and has ridden the most of them for you.

Billy is the blond girl who has also ridden the horses we have for sale. She also has ridden since she was 8 years old.




As horse lovers, we want to provide a service of excellence just like the way we treat our horses. Currently we are dedicated to the sale of purebred Spanish horses, from which the specimens are carefully selected taking into account their morphology, genetics, origin, movements and layer among other factors, and color respecting the line and origin of the Andalusian horse or P.R.E. horse.

Horses for sale


If you are looking for your dream horse:


We´re trying to find the right horse for you!

We know all the horses we have for sale personally and all the photos and videos we have are ours.

We have already tried the horses for you!

We will help you with advice and assistance in finding your horse.

We measure all horses on our website when we take videos of them. You can be sure that the sizes are correct!


Now have fun watching the horses for sale, we´re waiting for your e-mail! 



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